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Elevate your hair ritual with Flower Child Herbal Hair Rinse. There is something unique and ritualistic about pouring an infusion of flowers over your head. Deeply nourishing and soothing to dry hair & scalp. It locks in moisture & helps keep hair healthy & strong.
Ritual- adding 2 cups nearly boiling hot water, 2 tablespoon Flower Child herbal hair Rinse mixture. let it step for around 10 minutes, releases the rejuvenating properties of the flowers. Then strain the tea & pour into a jar. Get into a shower or bath & pour over your head let sit for as long as possible before rinsing with water.

Result- hydrated & nourished to the scalp.

Can be used as a: hair rinse, flowers for bath water, face steamer.

Ingredients- Cornflowers*(Centaurea cyanus), Sunflowers*(Helianthus), Pink Rose Petals*(Rosa damascena), Calendula flowers*(Calendula officinalis) , chamomile flowers*(Matricaria recutita), Lotus Stamens*(Nelumbo nucifera), Love. (organic*)
All Ingredients are *Organic and or/ wildcrafted. Made in small batches on Kaua’i

Cornflower-(Botanical name- Centaurea cyanus) treats hair problems such as Dandruff. Cornflower is used in many hair care products due its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

Sunflower-(Botanical name Helianthus )as well as antioxidants & vitamin E, making it deeply nourishing & soothing to dry hair & scalp. It locks in moisture & helps keeps hair healthy & strong.
Rose-(Botanical name- Rosa damascena) Within the petals of a rose, you'll find antioxidant & antimicrobial agents. These cleanse & nourish your scalp...fortifying your follicles to grow thick hair strands. Rose petals also serve as a potent natural conditioner.
Calendula flowers-( Botanical name-Calendula officinalis) hydrates dry scalp & improves condition of the scalp. With its regenerative properties it helps the hair follicles grow abundantly allowing for a thicker mane & the antioxidants help protect the hair & scalp against cell-damaging free radicals
Chamomile flowers- (Botanical name-Matricaria recutita) Promotes Healthy Hair. Another topical use of chamomile is to promote healthier, shinier hair. Anti-inflammatory compounds can alleviate itchy, dry scalp that can lead to dandruff.
Lotus Stamens- (Botanical name-Nelumbo nucifera)-It is High in Vitamin C.

Shelf life:1 year. Please store in a dry location at room temperature or below & keep out of direct sunlight. Please do not store in shower. Always use clean hands for application.

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