'Ili Travel Size Coffee Scrub Lavender Mint

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This lavender mint coffee scrub is more than just pretty and calming; it's one of the most powerful remedies in the plant world. Possessing many therapeutic attributes, the lavender coffee scrub can help with acne, eczema and shingles.

Not just the appealing fragrance of lavender, but also the spearmint in the coffee scrub. Spearmint: this stimulating plant promotes blood circulation and toxin removal. It has natural cooling and relaxing properties while having amazing effects on dermatitis. Being antibacterial and antiviral is cool, too.


After dampening your skin, it’s best to turn the shower off, with a couple small handfuls of ‘Ili, scrub your entire body using moderate pressure in circular motions, loving every inch of your self. We recommend letting the product be on your skin for a minimum of five minutes—longer if you can. This gives all the amazing properties of the powerful ingredients time to do their thing. Rinse and repeat every few days.


Made with organic local Hawaiian coffee blend, water, organic coconut oil, organic sugar, Hawaiian sea salt, vitamin e, and essential oils.

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